В чем разница между люстрой, подвеской и потолочным светильником | Модное место

There is a wide range of chandeliers varying in size, finish, and style, selecting the ideal fit is a tough task. If you are not sure about what chandelier style you want yet, check out our Chandelier Ideas: A Guide to Choosing the Right Crystal Chandeliers . In this blog, we are going to dive deep into how to choose the right chandelier, which will add great ambiance and style for your home.

Choose the right size chandelier is not an easy task as there are so many variables and sometimes we do not even know where to get started. What should be the right size for a chandelier? A small chandelier can easily get lost if it is a large space and cannot deliver a strong design element, while a large chandelier can be too overwhelming in a small space. The right chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room as well as the furniture size in the room.

Here are several general rules that apply to most spaces:

1. How to determine the chandelier’s diameter

Measure spaces’ length and width in feet, sum them up and that will be approximate diameter for the chandelier in inches.

Chandelier Size Guide - Sofary Lighting

Например, 16 футов (длина комнаты) + 8 футов (ширина комнаты) = 24 фута; Диаметр люстры должен быть около 24 дюймов.

2. Как определить высоту люстры

Measure the space’s floor to ceiling distance in feet, multiple by 2.5 will be the approximate height for the chandelier in inches. This rule mainly apply to pendant style chandelier while not necessarily apply to ceiling style chandelier.

Chandelier Size Guide - Sofary Lighting

For example 11 feet (Room Height), 11*2.5 = 27.5 The chandelier should be about 27.5 inches for its height

3. How to determine how high should the chandelier to be hanged

If you are hanging the chandelier on an open floor, chandelier’s bottom should at least be 7.5 feet away from the floor.

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Chandelier Size Guide | Sofary Lighting

If you are hanging the chandelier above a dining table or kitchen island, chandelier’s bottom should be 30 to 36 inches away from the tabletop.

Chandelier Size Guide - Sofary Lighting

Другие правила и советы применимы к разным типам помещений.

Besides those general rules that apply to most spaces, there are other rules and tips for different areas, like what size chandelier should be used for the dining room and what about foyers?

Dining Room & Kitchen island

If you are hanging the chandelier above your dining table or kitchen island, you can also decide the size of the chandeliers based on the size of your dining table or kitchen island. We generally recommend that the width or diameter of the chandelier should be between 1/2 and 2/3 of the width of the dining table or kitchen island.

Chandelier Size Guide | Sofary

Например, предположим, что у вас есть обеденный стол шириной 32 дюйма и длиной 66 дюймов.

  • If you are choosing a round chandelier, its diameter should be between 16 (32 x 1/2) to 21 (32 x 2/3) inches.
  • If you are choosing a rectangular chandelier, its width should be between 16 to 21 inches and length should be 33 to 44 inches (Same here 1/2 to 2/3 of the dining table or kitchen island length)

Двухэтажное фойе с лестницей

Помимо общего правила, нижняя часть люстры должна находиться на расстоянии не менее 7 с половиной футов от пола. Для двухэтажного дома также необходимо учитывать, как он будет выглядеть со второго этажа. В целом, лестничные люстры станут хорошим выбором для пространства. Что касается размещения, ниже приведены два часто встречающихся совета:

Chandelier Size Guide - Sofary Lighting

  • В качестве ориентира рекомендуется использовать второй этаж. Подвешивание люстры чуть ниже или наверху лестницы. Таким образом, когда вы находитесь наверху лестницы, верхняя часть люстры будет на уровне ваших глаз.
  • On the other hand, many designers advocate for independent placement just to make the chandelier the focal point or placing the chandelier about another architectural features. For example. if there is a large transparent window above the door, it should be centered in the window for best visual result from outside.
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Long Hallways

Размер люстры для прихожей должен определяться шириной прихожей. Умножьте ширину коридора в футах на 2.5 и получите диаметр люстры в дюймах.

Chandelier Size Guide - Sofary Lighting

For example, the hallway’s width is 8 feet. The chandelier’s diameter should be about 20 (8 x 2.5) inches

If you want to decorate with chandelier for your long hallways. We always recommend having them

What are the differences between Chandelier, Pendant and Ceiling Light?

You are in the middle of a renovation, you are redoing the walls, the floor and the Потолок. But once you’re finished, it’s time to think about освещение your home. But how do we do that? What to choose? Various models of luminaires exist on the market: люстра, Suspension, Ceiling lamp, Wall lamp, made of металл, С LED or bulb. But what is the difference between these four types of lamps?

Мы уберем настенные светильники, потому что их легко определить (это лампы, которые нужно вселитьLED on the walls), while the Ceiling lights and повешение люстраs происходят из того же источника: Потолок, для главного освещение.

I. The Ceiling lights

We will therefore start by discussing the Ceiling luminaire.

The Ceiling light is, as its name suggests, a освещение fixture that is fixed directly to the Ceiling. There is no wire or cable to lower the luminaire, unlike a hanging chandelier.

Компания Потолок lamp can have a complex but also refined frame. It will depend on the designers who will propose a современный и современный, индустриальный, скандинавский стиль.


The advantage of choosing a Потолок lamp is obviously a considerable space saving. Since the structure itself is (almost) anchored in the Ceiling, the maximum height of the lamp is limited to its own dimension. From one Ceiling lamp to another, the height can vary between 10 to 40 cm (for широкийr Ceiling lamps).

It is also interesting to note that the higher a light source is, the more open the angle of diffusion will be. In short, the Ceiling light, which is at the top of your interior, will be able to diffuse its light by covering a very широкий area, which is very beneficial in terms of освещение.

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Очень доступная цена.


A Потолок lamp with a low height is more likely to go unnoticed. Although Ceiling lights are also a decorative element, they are much less imposing and impressive than the люстра and suspension. If you rely on a small Ceiling light to decorate your home, it is not relevant enough.

The mounting cannot be suitable for all Ceilings. It is mandatory to drill holes in the Ceiling (2 or 4) to be able to fix the base.

Let’s now move on to the suspension люстра.

II. The Pendant Lights

This is the trap, one must not confuse a люстра с подвеской. Это явно два разных типа освещение. Это правда, что иногда две модели сливаются, образуя подвесную люстру. Но мы вместе увидим отличия.

1. The chandelier

Living room crystal chandelier

A современный столовая Люстра

As illustrated by our Roma model above, the chandelier immediately gives the impression that it is majestic, tall and imposing and from another time. That’s not untrue!

A люстра имеет сложную рамку с центром в точке. Это означает, что у светильника есть «плечи», начинающиеся с центральной точки, часто представленные колонной. Его можно украсить кристаллами, подвесками, glass glass pendant lights купола, подсвечники. и т.п.

У люстры есть кабель или провод, который крепится к потолку. Вся конструкция не касается Потолок, он «висит» на кабеле, подключенном к базе. Люстра играет на гравитации и дает эффект «падающих» капель.

Although it played a very important role during the Renaissance, chandeliers are once again becoming fashionable. Many companies use it to decorate their stores, but more and more individuals want to opt for a chic luminaire at home.


The chandelier is very imposing, if you want to impress the gallery, it is the luminaire to choose!

Он очень декоративный и очень яркий.

Easy to install, if your Потолок has a hook, there is no need to make holes. All you have to do is hang the люстра.

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The height is adjustable, so you can customize the освещение.

Can be customized with лампаоттенокs обеспечить теплой трогать


люстры дороже, потому что реализация требует гораздо больше работы и может быть немного марочный.

They are imposing so they take up space. To be used only in large areas such as the living room or possibly a широкий спальная комната.

2. The hanging lamp

Nordic Orange pendant lights

Оранжевая Металл & Дерево Подвесная лампа

As its name suggests, the suspension is suspended. Unlike a люстра, подвеска содержит одну рамку на другом конце троса. По сути, это похоже на то, что к кабелю прикреплен только один световой шар.

Of course, the suspension can be declined in several forms, from design to industrial, but the spirit remains there: There is only one light source at the end of the line.

The suspensions are even more numerous and varied than the chandelier or Потолок фонарь. Вы, несомненно, найдете их в общественных местах, барах и ресторанах с вешалками в форме чаши, расположенными прямо над обеденным столом.

Interior design enthusiasts also like to combine several suspensions to form one. This is what you can find in the image above. The Sekka luminaire has several branches, starting from the base (unlike a люстра where the branches start from a central column). With a lamp like this one, it is easy to customize your luminaire. The suspension can be offset (place the light sources elsewhere by moving the cables) by giving it the appearance of a spider.

The suspensions can have a complex design with the presence of a cage (commonly known as a “portable suspension”) or be completely simplistic with a single подвесные светильники socket: a bare suspension.

  • Very wide variety of suspensions in the market
  • Very suitable in for кухонный остров
  • Очень доступная цена
  • Possibility to offset the light source
  • Регулируемая высота и простота установки (как для люстра)
  • Очень распространен
  • Minimalist design compared to Потолок lights and chandeliers
  • Must sometimes be used in широкий numbers in order to have an original decoration
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Looking for a chandelier or a suspension but your Ceiling is low? Take a look to our ceiling light fixtures.

3. The Suspension chandelier

хрустальная подвесная люстра

Современный кристалл Повешение Люстра

Теперь пришло время поговорить об этой гибридной лампе. Нет люстра, no suspension. It brings together the advantages of each of them without bringing their share of disadvantages.

Very design, the suspension chandelier takes the positive characteristics of a chandelier and a suspension. Very often accompanied by the integrated LED technology, this one allows to obtain a unique and extravagant design.

It can be presented with several reinforcements. Take the suspension above. It consists of two luminous rings encrusted with crystals. The rings can be adjusted in height and angle. It also provides homogeneous освещение.

  • Доступная всем цена
  • Adjustable and customizable height
  • Possibility to offset the light source
  • Очень декоративный и амбициозный
  • Простота в установке
  • Several existing styles
  • Can become cumbersome if your Потолок низок
  • Интегрированный LEDs не может быть изменено

Each luminaire has advantages and disadvantages. But not every type of luminaire adapts itself at all to its surroundings.

Если вы хотите продвигать яркиймыс, without wanting to show off too much to your friends and especially save space, choose a Потолок лампа.

You really want to impress everyone, even if it means taking a majestic lamp that takes up space by investing a little more, take a chandelier.

If decoration is one of your hobbies and you like to innovate while adding your personal touch, take one or even several suspensions.

Finally, if you don’t know what to take, I recommend the люстра suspension, it will reconcile your desire to obtain a unique decoration with your budget limits.

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