Foam Sealants for Insulation

Characteristics and features of TechnoNICOL sealants

In construction and repair, today it is difficult to do without sealants. They strengthen structures during installation, seal seams and therefore find a very wide application.

There are many similar products on the market, but you can’t go wrong if you prefer TechnoNICOL materials.


TechnoNICOL sealants have a number of features and advantages.

  • TechnoNICOL is one of the best manufacturers of waterproofing materials. The fact is that the company develops products together with practical builders. As a result, the products will not only be inferior in anything to their European counterparts, but even surpass some indicators.
  • TechnoNICOL sealants have a unique composition that forms a waterproofing coating with high elasticity and resistance to environmental influences.
  • They guarantee excellent adhesion to all kinds of materials and surface types, and have a sufficiently high setting speed.
  • After drying, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, it does not crack.
  • The waterproofing layer not only reliably protects from moisture and does not collapse under its influence, some types even become stronger.
  • The product is also biologically stable: if the environment has high humidity, the sealant will not undergo organic destruction, and fungal mold will not start on it.
  • The resulting elastic coating is very durable, will last 18-20 years, which significantly increases the life of various structures and structures without repairs.
  • Sealants do not allow corrosion to develop in metal structures and fasteners, are neutral to solvents, and resistant to the effects of oils and gasoline.
  • Many species do not shrink, are resistant to temperature extremes.
  • The types intended for the installation of building blocks in residential premises are non-toxic, do not emit harmful substances into the surrounding space and therefore do not harm health, are fire and explosion proof, and dry quickly.
  • There is a fairly wide color variation of sealants, some types can be painted after hardening.
  • TechnoNICOL sealants are economically consumed and have a reasonable price.
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When choosing a material, one must pay attention to its purpose, that is, whether it is roofing, waterproofing, versatile, adapted for outdoor or indoor use. It should also be noted that when working with sealants it will be useful to protect the skin of the hands.

When working with them, the technology, material consumption rates should be observed. When choosing a material, you need to familiarize yourself with possible disadvantages, for example, intolerance to low temperatures or heating above 120 degrees. Therefore, before carrying out work, it is better to seek professional advice.

Виды и технические характеристики

TechnoNICOL produces many types of sealants, each with its own characteristics and technical characteristics.


Polyurethane sealant is widely used, as it is suitable for bonding and gluing metals, wood, plastic products, concrete, brick, ceramics, lacquered sheet elements. It is easy to use, connects reliably, is not afraid of vibration and corrosion, and its strength increases when exposed to moisture.

It is used at temperatures from +5 to +30 degrees C, after hardening it is resistant to temperatures from -30 to +80 degrees C. The product should be applied on a clean, dry surface. The formation of a film occurs after 2 hours, hardening – at a rate of 3 mm per day.

  • Sealant “TechnoNICOL” PU No. 70 it is used when it is necessary to seal various structures, fill seams in industrial and civil construction, create waterproof joints. The product is a one-component viscoelastic mass that cures when exposed to moisture and air. The sealant is gray and can be painted over. Packaged in 600 ml foil packs.
  • Other polyurethane sealant – 2K – used mainly in construction. They are used to seal joints, seams, cracks, cracks in buildings of any purpose. The product has a gray or white color, after hardening it can be painted over with facade paints. It is a two-component material, both components are in a package (plastic bucket, weight 12 kg) and are mixed immediately before use. It can be applied at temperatures from -10 to +35 degrees C, during operation it withstands from -60 to +70 degrees C. Its consumption depends on the width and depth of the seam.
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Among the developments of “Technonikol” – bitumen-polymer sealant No. 42. It is based on petroleum bitumen with the addition of artificial rubber and minerals. It is used for sealing joints on asphalt and concrete highways, on airfield surfaces. It has a short curing time and high elasticity. It does not shrink. Three brands are produced: BP G25, BP G35, BP G50 for use in different climatic zones. G25 is used when the temperature does not drop below -25 degrees, G35 is used for temperatures from -25 to -35 degrees C. G50 is needed when the temperature drops below -35 degrees C.


Герметик mastic No. 71 most often used as a roofing material. It is needed to insulate the upper bend of the edge strip, to repair the roof, to install various elements of the roof.

It has good adhesion to concrete and metals, high heat resistance and water resistance.


In many construction works, silicone sealant will be of interest. It is characterized as a versatile product that seals reliably and has a wide range of applications.Interacting with moisture in the air, it becomes a durable elastic rubber and performs well as an elastic seal in various designs.

Can be used with metals, concrete, brick, wood, porcelain, glass, ceramics. Has a white color, solidifies at a rate of 2 mm per day.

Сфера применения

Due to the variety of types, TechnoNIKOL sealants have a huge scope of application. They are used by masters when renovating premises, using them as waterproofing and to fill voids around pipes in bathrooms, to fill cracks and align seams and joints of panels in rooms, when installing door blocks and PVC windows.

Sealants are used in many industries: shipbuilding, automotive, electrical and electronic. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of sealants in construction.

Technonikol does not stop there and creates new products.

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One of the innovations in waterproofing technology is polymer membranes. They are a completely new approach to roofing. They have a long service life – up to 60 years, they have many advantages:

  • огнестойкость;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays and temperature fluctuations;
  • эстетичный внешний вид;
  • водонепроницаемый;
  • not subject to mechanical damage and punctures;
  • suitable for use on roofs of any inclination and any size.

By watching the following video, you can learn about the characteristics of TechnoNICOL # 45 butyl sealant.


PU foams by TECHNONICOL with the stable formulation and increased content of closed pores are used for a variety of different tasks: thermal and sound insulation of joints of window and door frames, filling cavities, gaps and cracks, glueing of thermal insulation boards and other building materials, arranging spray foam insulation, etc. Polyurethane foams by TECHNONICOL have an optimal ratio of the large primary volume, curing time and density that guarantees the high speed of application and durability.


  • Sealing foam TECHNONICOL MASTER Single-component polyurethane foam in an aerosol can with an adapter
  • Sealing foam TECHNONICOL MAXIMUM Single-component professional polyurethane foam
  • Fire-resistant sealing foam TECHNONICOL 240 Special single-component polyurethane foam with improved fire-resistant properties
  • Spray foam insulation TECHNONICOL MASTER Single-component professional spray foam insulation
  • Glueing foam TECHNONICOL 500 Single-component professional polyurethane glue foam
  • Foam cleaner TECHNONICOL Professional polyurethane foam cleaner

Polyurethane foams are modern and user-friendly materials to help solve a wide range of tasks in construction. They are easy to use, safe for humans and the environment, after curing they have high mechanical strength, and significantly accelerate installation works. TECHNONICOL offers single-component PU foam products that are cured by moisture, have a stable formulation, a large primary expansion, and an increased content of closed pores. Expanding foam provides excellent thermal and sound insulation, does not create excessive pressure on structural elements, and has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc.

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Types of PU foams

The supplier offers several products fr om the PU foam series, which are designed to solve a specific installation or repair task.

  • Sealing foam TECHNONICOL MASTER is a material adapted for use without special devices and equipment. The aerosol can is equipped with an adapter for easy application. It is used for sealing gaps, joints, cavities, cracks, technological holes, etc.
  • Sealing foam TECHNONICOL MAXIMUM serves the same purposes. Manufacturers recommend this product for professional use at large facilities. It requires a polyurethane foam gun for proper application.
  • For high requirements about fire protection at facilities, the Company developed fire-resistant sealing foam TECHNONICOL 240 with a fire-resistance limit of 240 minutes. It has the stability to moisture, mold, and aging, excellent adhesion to most materials, and creates reliable thermal and sound insulation. It is applicable for assembling any fire-resistant structures, sealing joints, filling voids between walls and floor slabs to provide additional protection against fire.
  • Spray foam insulation TECHNONICOL MASTER is used to create a full layer of thermal and sound insulation on walls, partitions, floor slabs, foundations, and other structures with a complex geometric surface, as well as on engineering communications (pipes, penetrating elements, ventilation ducts). It is applied by a polyurethane foam gun with a special nozzle, which is supplied with an aerosol can.
  • Fixing of thermal insulation boards, gluing of various panels and other elements is conveniently carried out with the help of gluing foam TECHNONICOL 500 in aerosol cans. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work. The adhesive foam is resistant to moisture, mold, and aging has excellent adhesion to mineral surfaces, wood, chipboard, OSB, brick, etc. With the help of gluing foam TECHNONICOL 500, it is possible to quickly and firmly fix stone wool, PIR, XPS and EPS slabs when installing external and internal thermal insulation systems, fix decorative panels made of wood and plastic, glue drywall panels, plywood, and OSB and seal the gaps between the insulation boards.
  • After installation work, PU expanding foam often remains on the working surface of windows and door frames, clothing, plastic elements. The Company has developed a special foam cleaner TECHNONICOL based on an organic solvent mixed with propellant for effective cleaning of its uncured residues, washing the gun. It is sprayed from a can with a spray nozzle or a polyurethane foam gun.
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Области применения

In terms of thermal insulation characteristics, TECHNONICOL polyurethane foams are superior to many analogs. High elasticity, excellent adhesion to the base and good initial expansion make them indispensable insulation materials. Closed cells of insulating foam sealant maintain the desired temperature inside the room and do not allow moisture to pass inside. After curing, very light PU foam material has a high compressive strength, does not shrink or weigh down, and strengthens structures.

The main purpose of polyurethane foams is to fill joints, voids, gaps, cracks with additional functions of thermal and sound insulation. Expanding polyurethane foam allows filling the space between wall panels and cracks wh ere it is impossible to put other insulation. With the help of spray foam insulation, it is possible to create a complete thermal and sound insulation layer on the floor slabs, wall partitions, foundations, and other structures with a complex geometric surface, as well as on utilities. Adhesive PU foam securely binds thermal insulation boards, various panels and other elements.

Как его использовать

Before using PU foams, one should wear gloves and work clothes. It is important to ensure that the foam does not get into the eyes and on the mucous membranes during operation. Single-component PU foam cures with moisture, so the work surface must be pre-moistened with water. The can is shaken, a gun for polyurethane foams is put on and the bottom is turned up when applying the material. Vertical gaps and cracks are filled with foam from the bottom up. In case of use in joints of more than 50×40 mm, it is recommended to apply the polyurethane composition in several layers with each layer moistened. The remaining foam is removed from the tool and the working surface with a foam cleaner.

Full hardening and strength gain occurs within about 24 hours. Polyurethane sealing foam is destroyed by ultraviolet, so it is necessary to protect it after hardening with putty, water-based paint, metal board, etc.

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